IMA Awards Songs Submitted for Lori Jean

Akademia Music Award

Akademia Music Award
Lori Jean Best Country Song "Is It the Time" Sept. 17'

My Way to Music

My Way to Music
Written before I found my way to music.

'Lori Jean' Vevo Channel

Lori Jean - Official Music Videos, Songs, and More - Vevo

Listen to music by Lori Jean for free on Vevo, including official music videos, top songs, new releases, and live performances.

#teensatcrossroadsofamericaandbeyond #youthworksongproject #kickstoppushed #youthworkproject CD/EP to Eat, Clothes, a Home, etc.

#NewSongs #EDM

Mysterious Toy w/ lyrics
Ten Little Girls w/ lyrics Mastered
Sleepy Angel Inspire w/ lyrics

Teens at Crossroads of America song at Vevo

Teens at Crossroads of America and Beyond EP

It's here kids! Your first EP that is completely ready for you to sell on your own website.

 This album will be ready for you soon to place at your own website. Use Paypal to accept your payments and set up your charging account. Possibly you guys can use a prepaid credit card bought in stores to set up your Paypal account. I'm not familiar with other money accounts that you can use to put up a sell button on your site. Adults please help the kids set up their accounts.

Partners with Empowerment of Youths Project in Kenya, Sima Community Based Organization.
Referral by Safe Kids Now

Frames of Lori Jean

Updated The Great Pain (Dedicated to Andrea Melissa Combs)

"Kick Stop Pushed" song mastered ready for sale Kick Stop Pushed for your Christmas 🎄 prerelease album. New copy of song will be uploaded to the video once I can get it from my phone to it. Meanwhile here's the video download file with no song audio to it if you can add the song to it in the meantime to download fully and utilize for promotional purposes of your albums for sale.


M4R iPhone Album Bonus Ringtone Kick Stop Pushed and a New One A Little Different (More Fading In and Out) and also an android one MP3 Ringtone Kick Stop Pushed
M4R iPhone Album Bonus Rington There's a Way Through and a New One a bit longer iPhone There's a Way Through (longer) and a longer version in android MP3 Ringtone There's a Way Through (longer)

iPhone Ringtone A Little Love From You by Lori Jean
MP3 Android Ringtone A Little Love From You


@route66station Twitter (Where Billy Ray Cyrus is played)
@OpentheDoorRadi Twitter (works with Factory Fast Records)
The Pat Stone Show (Promo plug) comes in through Ignition Radio UK Too (continual play) "There's a Way Through"

Dave Darin on KWSS 93.9 says:

Dave Darin (@DaveDarin)
This track JUST came in by @lorifinnila wow, this is There's A Way Through on

Our First Show About Five Years Ago for this Project For youth.

This music is to help you work for yourself by selling these downloads any way you can. As I climb the music channel the more valuable they will become for you. Make any changes you like. Sell them the way you like. You don't have to be homeless to sell them.

Start with Your Vision Board

It started with "Female Soul" and then I built more from there for you. Go to town, your graphics, effects on music, mastering, dueting, go for it. Rename the album and pick and choose which songs you like to make an album. You might want to record rap or hip hop with one of these. Just don't forget to mention me!!?? :)))

My Most

Sugar Daddy Kids

Sugar Daddy Kids (Remix)

Johnny's in Mars (Mixed and Mastered)

Wave Away Oh Oh Little Girl (Mixed and Mastered)

"Female Soul" Track (Mixed and Mastered)

Aesop Made Abel (Mix and Mastered)

What About Good Old Eve (Mixed and Mastered)

Bound Unhelped (Mixed and Mastered)

Anonymous Girl (Mixed and Mastered)

The Great Pain

You Could See It (Mastered)

A Little Love From You (Mixed and Mastered)

Though I'm One Less (Mixed and Mastered)

He Holds Me Right  (Mixed and Mastered)

There's a Way Through (Mixed and Mastered)

CD/EP (your choice) with the iPhone ringtones burned to add to it as a bonus - hey you're doing great here! Heck you can put it in stores and make more merchandise to go with it to sell. If you want use the headshot of mine with the Female Soul Photo logo on it with the sunglasses.

*Bonus for Babies

iPhone Ringtones (Mixed and Mastered)

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Lori Jean Music

Lori Jean Music
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