IMA Awards Songs Submitted for Lori Jean

Akademia Music Award

Akademia Music Award
Lori Jean Best Country Song "Is It the Time" Sept. 17'

My Way to Music

My Way to Music
Written before I found my way to music.

Lori Jean Youtube Channel

So Cold Outside CD for #homeless to sell #socoldoutsidecd

I just registered to vote. #socoldoutsidecd

State Funded Community Housing

Private cubicles for items.    Shared Frig
(Don't touch).                       Ea. Pers shf

                     Donated Food Fridge
Extra given when food is touched

Donated Items
Extra given when personal items are touched

Rules broken you will be asked to leave. Lists are kept.

Register to vote.

No. 1 Reason for Women Homelessness DV

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Lori Jean Music

Lori Jean Music
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