A Little Love From You

A Little Love From You
Factory Fast Records

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Akademia Music Award

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Factory Fast Records and LJ Production Releases

Wait till the very, very, very end - they ran out of time and added the extra tracks in the podcast after the show - last few minutes.
Plz buy my album for 🎄 https://soundcloud.com/lori-jean-230919722/highlight-lorijean-produced-by-factory-fast-records +Target

"Pia's Records" TV Pilot Soundtrack Release

There's a Way Through album by Lori Jean
Oct. 2016 Worldwide Digitally Release at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, GooglePlay, Deezer, Shazam, and Xbox.
"There's a Way Through" 'Highlight'

Lori Jean Acoustics' album 'Highlights'

Release TBA

@ Top40-Charts.com - New Songs & Videos 

Groove Tramp
ISX Radio Highlight
Harp's Soul

Curtains Against the Wind

Lori Jean Solo CD produced by Factory Fast Records Presale Link Highlight Link PR

My solo CD release with Factory Fast Records release on Independence Weekend.

"Fleeting moments become elusory as Lori Jean coaxes the listener into a mesmerizing melodic trace..."

Factory Fast Records

Lori Jean Factory Fast Records page

ISX Radio Highlight

Another ISX Radio Highlight

Songs in order:
Just Like Yesterday
Grandma Farinha
Fade Out and Away
Resurrect My Home
A Little Love From You
I Put on My Gloves
Little Girls
Under Your Pillow
Unique Harmony
Two of a Kind (Tim Cheatle composer)

Just Like Yesterday  Factory Fast Records Compilation "Groove Tramp" July 26, 2016 Presale Link

Under Your Pillow at iTunes 'Harp's Soul' Factory Fast Records CD Compilation

Little Girls  at iTunes 'Curtains Against the Wind' Factory Fast Records CD Compilation

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Lori Jean Music
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