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A Little Love From You
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Pia's Records-Inspired from Lori Jean's Comical Youth to Music

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Her youth journey to her music:


Brazilian Article

"Pia's Records" Soundtrack for TV Pilot coming soon! https://www.prlog.org/12596301-pias-records-soundtrack-for-tv-pilot.html @TimCheatle #Spain #children #family #comedy #tvpilot

Pia's Records (feat. Tim Cheatle) - EP by Lori Jean

Inspired from my youth comical journey to my music that I wrote for a pilot series with 6 segments outlined.

Opening to every show.

Pia at 12.

"Hi!" My name is Lori Jean. I'm a singer and songwriter and I'm good at it. Some say very good-even magical. But it wasn't always this easy. I would plunk on my piano annoying as a toddler for long periods of time trying to bring attention to what I was acquiring from the pulsating linoleum in my ears when my mom would nap and have me listen to music beneath her on the floor after suffering life threatening convulsions as a baby. It would be taken away. I would stand on my head in doorways when company would arrive hoping to be discovered. And hide up in trees for hours. I would try to dissect and solve the neighborhood crimes from here. At age 12 I was beginning to find myself; I could hear the importance of music. Somehow the love of music always kept me going and pulled me through.

Pia's Records 1st Episode

Segment Outline Pia 'The Wild Child'

Repeatedly plunking a pink plastic piano and poorly playing a borrowed organ in the home, the displayed signs of affection was shown to music. Dancing on the front lawn to "Nights in White Satin" she dreamed to be heard and to show affection. As an adult she tread the streets of NYC finding bits in Film and TV, as well as some in her hometown. Her music in her head waiting to be born was found due to her son and two artists she worked with, Tim Cheatle and Ned Euphorya, as well as being discovered by Factory Fast Records. She looks forward to seeing her life and journey of her dream from her youth in a comical way in a TV Pilot series in graciously self written to fortitude her Portuguese culture to Spain's eloquence.

Lori Jean played on Radio Troubadour thru Factory Fast Records

Lori Jean played on Spain's Only Rock Radio

Watch for song at Disney's Airplay Direct with Tim Cheatle as composer for thumbelina episode (a bit more in press release above). I want to have my music throughout. I have some funny songs that relate back to my childhood. A Little Love From You for ALL (there were so many) my crushes.

I've been very open about my funny life story in Pia's Records. I have so much love and fun I remember as a child to share through my music in such a funny way as my mom and dad had so much of it in our lives. The Hayhousesummit Brendon Burchard is speaking now. More that you talk, write, think, and share of your ideas the easier it is to come to reality. Beyoncé was smart to link her HBO movie with her with her music release. I think focusing strongly on the beautiful Spanish culture brings attention to my Portugese culture and to tour after the production to Pia's Records.

Stealing records as a kid trying to keep up with her big sister, making routine long prank phone calls for attention, mindless-selfish eccentric shopping, skipping class to resolve disection problems with lyrics that evolved in her head, revolves around Pia's endless journey to the music in her head.

I want Little Girls as a song in it as well. I think it's a powerful theme and follows along with the story line with a scene in it of the kids learning something funny from Cosmopolitan.

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