A Little Love From You

A Little Love From You
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Lori Jean_I'm Makin' Lemonade_Teens at Crossroads of America and Beyond

I'm Makin' Lemonade by Lori Jean

Making lemonade from lemons is shown in this song. This is a song from the Teens at Crossroads of America and Beyond youth work song project to get every teen off the street and out of the woods and to thrive.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

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Beginning of song:

Living In a Shack

I'm living in a shack
Cuz of you
I'm told I'm too much
Say I have no class
Tell everybody I'm the bad guy
There is another side

You send me packin'
Living in a shack
Just cuz I'm tired
Of pleasing and waiting for you.

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Flyin' Around Me

You want me
You don't
You see me
You don't ... mostly

You're always flyin' around me
Not really wanting me
Set me free
You didn't even want my baby

You say you can't live without me
Need me like a teddy bear
Man, you never made me come


You cry to me
your wet dreams
since I'm gone
I don't give a dam anymore

You brag you've slept with my best friend
Took all the family
Never liked my gifts
Your too bold for me


Sorry my baby

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Lamb by Lori Jean #poem #saddinner

By Lori Jean Finnila

My dad’s look was stern,
It was lamb at the dinner table again.

Mom would be sweet,
I’d lick the plate,
And even have my sister
And brother’s on there way to me.

The softness of the pink flesh,
The broiled skin in eloquence
Touched my lips once again.

But brashly put,
That wouldn’t stop the experience
Of lamb in our house.

For my brother would puke,
Sister would cry,
Mother would flush…

And then back to dad’s stern look.

Was it the poor sad sheep we feared for,
Or perhaps because it was on our baby crib
At one time.

Was it the coloring books
Or reading books,
Or perhaps grandma’s hooks
Filled so with it as she knits.

Was it, the scratch of wool
That it reminded of,
That made us itch
Up on our skin so bad.

Perhaps the night time tale
That was supposed to bring us so much comfort
Would never come again.

Alas, poor lamb.
Count 1,
And three.
You will always be rest assured
Of your intent
Of whatever it may be,
In you and me.

Photo courtesy Adrian Gonzales from Flickr.com.

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Pain Relates in A Little Love From You Music Video Release

Lori Jean is writing and releasing connecting her personal story to others. From molestation to gay and transgender rights she feels the need to pull the proper attitude toward our young. Too many children and adolescents are feeling abandoned and ashamed of themselves. Youth need support to the beauty of themselves so they can make efficient decisions toward safety in their lives.

“There is someone for everyone,” Lori Jean would say. “We all know one person there for us, if we look hard enough. I don't believe a stranger is acceptable.”

It's amazing how far we push those the most vulnerable away. Choices and lives are now. This world exhilarating, beautiful knowledge adds to our lives. There's so many things that we don't know how to do that this new added knowledge from others can aid us in our everyday lives.

From our young, gay population hiding from abuse to the molested child too young to come out and get help-these children persevere in a way we can only imagine. Try to imagine with Lori Jean.

Also, check out her funny new video to A Little Love From You by Lori Jean as she comically uses the Portland Zoo animals looking for love themselves in it. Watch for it at her Vevo channel or under Lori Jean Music at YouTube.

Photo and story by Lori Jean Finnila


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Mysterious Toy w/ music #teensatcrossroadsofamericaandbeyond #lorijean #newsong #em

Mysterious Toy (demo) #teensatcrossroadsofamericaandbeyond by Lori Jean on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

Photo Courtesy CNN

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Thursday, July 27, 2017

RV for #lorijean ?!

RV I Like

I'm thinking I could drive and stay where I want to stay, sing, write plays, sit under the sun, and think about you guys!!


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Isabelle's Eyes Play #music #play #lorijean

Isabelle's Eyes Play

Daunting and haunting created by Lori Jean Finnila is left in side by side actions on stage of a little girl that thinks back. Questions and thoughts are left in your mind.

Two songs that go with it:

Ten Little Girls by Lori Jean
Though I'm One Less by Lori Jean

                                                                      Lori Jean Finnila at 16.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Dreams in a House w/ lyrics #stage #lorijean

Sleepy Angel Inspire w/ lyrics #teensatcrossroadsofamericaandbeyond #lorijean

Sleepy Angel Inspire at Soundcloud

Song File for Kids

Teens at Crossroads of America and Beyond page

                                                  Courtesy Creative Fan

The Greatest Gift of All #Lord #lorijeanfinnila #lorijean

The Greatest Gift of All

I was given the greatest gift of all
I don't smug appearance
Or feel crude or disgust in my mind
When I see a wandering homeless

I was just given the greatest gift of all

Thank you Lord
For taking away my sins
For judging those
Who have less than us

I was just given the greatest gist of all

I can see a human
so great inside
And not fear 
with judgment from my soul

I was just given the greatest gist of all

He can walk by me
Sit and eat with me
Live and sleep in my streets

I was just given the greatest gist of all

By Lori Jean Finnila 

Photo Courtesy David Wilkerson Sermon

He Walks Among Us #happysunday #lorijean

He Walks Among Us

He knows each day, 
his day 
With Each step
carefully planned 
His face with pleasure to intent with desire to accomplishment

Though he may not breathe the air we breathe 
Or walk the roads we walk
He wakes up every morning
He walks among us

Ge may not wear silk
He may not drink milk
He stays here
his space, dreams, and intentions just as important as us

His face may look gray and dusted
His clothes worn
His face and hair unfamiliar 
He is adorned

He knows his path
He carefully plans his everyday
With purpose 
It is known
Another journey 
Another day left not unspent


Though he may just carry 
Large bags of empty bottles
Throughout his day
He has his fathers eyes
With a mission like all of us


Courtesy Boston Globe

Courtesy Priceonomics

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Dreams in a House #lorijean #classical

Dreams in a House at Soundcloud


Dreams in a House

Dreams in a house
People come see 
A little girl 
That brings ease, 
For the ones who never cared for her

Come see me in my house
It has all my past and dreams
Come make it clear
Make it here
Make it easy for me

Is time so importantly 
To the essence of existence 
we try so hard to bind
Our hearts our minds they go frail 
They go away


Come see me in my window
Don't make me run for my dreams in a house
I have everything here 
It's so clear


No more questions
No more answers
Needed to get past
All of the others
It's such a ghast 


Cuz a lifetime is once to be seen

it's a lifetime to be seen

Make it clear 
Make it here

Make it easy for me

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Lori Jean Music
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