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Monday, October 16, 2017

Short Clip of last year's Gala Rose Bowl Akademia

Last year's gala event. So excited!! Can't wait! I want to wear red. The Akademia 2016 Gala Short Video https://youtu.be/JOS-mcWQ3ns via @YouTube

"Update" The Akademia Music Awards Rose Bowl Gala Sponsors #lorijean #rosebowl #gala #awards #bestcountrysong

Update! I'm sorry. Gold and Arrow gave me the wrong information. So sorry.


So excited to be announcing my hair sponsor - the first sponsor booked. I will be announcing others as they come up. The event isn't until April 19th of next year but I'm working hard to look my best and represents myself and my fans that way as well. I want it to be a princess night to remember. I've been thinking about designers and already contacted my lifelong dream of one - waiting to hear!? I will let you all know more.

Much love.

Hair: Gold and Arrow of Portland, OR

Saturday, October 14, 2017

"You Didn't Even Want Our Baby" Updated Lyrics #lorijean #youdidntevenwantourbaby

I just watched "Woman in Gold" and it made me want to revise my song

You Didn't Even Want Our Baby by Lori Jean Finnila

It was 10/31/78
One dark Halloween day
You took me from school
All the fun parties and everything I knew

You drove me to one dark tall building
Statuesque but dark 
Filled with other little girls
There might only be one
Maybe three
But I know someone will thank me for my empathy

There's no statutes on pain
One woman is many crying in vein
Of our rights to our bodies lost one day

You weren't there 
When I'd talk about the baby's hair 
What he or she would wear
Baby You Didn't Even want our baby

She ended up in a barrel instead
When I was bolted down by two men
I cry myself to sleep now
So many nights when I see my hair and your eyes in my baby 
When she comes to me
I was only a virgin and you took my dream away


Though I was drunk
One too many came from you 
Yelling at me not to make too much noise when I was young 
The balloon to keep you from me
Still didn't let me know 
How much you didn't love me


Now many years later my back aches 
I crawl on the floor from those I let beat me

Some say you weren't a full man then
Yet you were of age when
The blame was put out on me for
Ever lovin' you or letting you shine your light my way


Baby, I was just a little girl and I'm still in bereavement.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Poem of the Day by Lori Jean Finnila

Hey there, another poem by me.


Flower still
be still for me
under the sheet
cornered on the chair

Your pink and white
blue, dark green
detailed crisp

shadowed by edges
cornered by rounds
enveloped in some
grayish at times

drifting lovely
below like a fall
the completion at the end
jumps up again

                                                       Courtesy Flora Flowers

three lines cross six
though the third
is a quarter of the way here
the second is half

the third almost full shown
but separated by a fourth
that shows at the bottom

six show like church pipes
the dip points
to the corner window

as the sun shines in

                                                      Courtesy Troy Selberg

"My Best Country Song" by Lori Jean Finnila #lorijean #newsong #lyrics

Just finished another new hippy type country rockish song lyrics a few days ago. Wanted to share it with you. Will probably be a faster tune than what I've been working on - more towards "Is It the Time." I know I said my next song would be to that, "My Dirty Draws," but it turned out more for "You Didn't Even Want Our Baby" because it talks about times when I lived in the woods trying to survive on nothing. These last two, "How's I Such a Fool," and this one is a good old funny and fast country song reminiscing about the good ole' times.

My Best Country Song
by Lori Jean Finnila

1rst Verse
Let's turn the radio on
hear my music
It's gonna be a hit
It's gonna be hip
I think this might be
my best country song

2nd Verse
I heard Jagger made the cover again
I keep sending mine in
Am I too old
to be a rolling stone
Waiting for my picture
to be on the magazine

3rd Verse
Ew, shush
I hear the crowd
I think it's signing up for me
That's loud!
Oh no, it's a big star
right before me
back to square one being me

4th Verse
My best country song
isn't about Sally
Isn't about Sue
Isn't about what Bob will do,
oops! For you
It's about me

It's me
I'm here pouring the beer
trying not to get too drunk
trying to keep my pants
from fallin' down
and my shirt from goin' up
I just need longer lines

I'm not hip
I'm not shy
Just wanna be a rock star
country's fine

I'm just takin' care of me and mine

Friday, October 6, 2017

Poem of The Day by Lori Jean Finnila #poems #lorijean


the trees brash
with leaves
they will not fly away

chocolate sprinkles are sweet
small, poignant
are they

delight is ecstasy
corners are sharp
edges are dull

circles are round
                                                       Courtesy Cloudb

Wheels turn
The morning breaks
Thumps on the roof
Remind me of this

Cars, trucks
or at least motors
Rustle in the streets
Slacks of sheets so slick
take the air

Sand dumps
engines roar
another city morning

                                                   Courtesy WallspaperCraft

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Poem and Hurts So Bad Outside song #lorijean #ep #music #youdidn'tevenwantourbaby


I'm learning and being able to close the chapter of many beatings to  my body starting the summer of 2010-2011. The emotional and physical pain instead of it killing me I felt to share in an ep. I hope it helps others. Here is the last song to show you.

Hurts So Bad Outside at Soundcloud as well.

Also, I had one more verse of words to share that I won't put into a song but feel the need to express my injuries in full.

Poem “Cracked Back”
by Lori Jean

I used to walk straight
even had a straight jaw
now I walk huddled over
with my cracked back
the knock on the right side
added to it and pushed it along

I pull across the floor
crouching over like never before
I pull my eyes up
another day I push along

Can't take enough pills
to get rid of the pain
You severed all the nerves
about 3 feet long
all along the side
I wanted to play guitar on

It all sounds like green eggs and ham now
that I can now only dream upon
of singing and playing in my head
because the nerves in my hands
throb and remind me of what will lay ahead

can't take enough pills
to hide me from this pain
my glucos kicking in
but not enough
collagen keeps it from being rough
andrew lessman's makes it weary enough

now all I have to rely on
is myself
getting me out of the rut
that I fell so far into
I'll stretch these darn scars
till there's nothin' left

I won't complain again
or cry for sorrow
I'm only asking for less pain tomorrow

they started out on me when I was so young
that's how others got encouraged to go along
I know I'm not the only one
others get pushed around like me

I'm so sure

The end.


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

You Didn't Even Want Our Baby #lorijean #ep Full Song

Here's a rough, rough draft of the full song. I hope you like it and there are more alive babies in the world because of it. Bless you all, my true story. You Didn't Even Want Our Baby download link

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Songs Submitted for IMA Awards #there'sawaythrough #teenatcrossroadsofamericaandbeyond #isitthetime #lorijean #imaawards

Here are the songs submitted and the page at the Independent Music Awards. I really appreciate your love. Don't forget the kids at my Teens at Crossroads of American and Beyond youth work song project that are out there selling this song and let to keep the money.

IMA's #radioairplay My Dirty Draws #8tracks #lorijean

Please support me at the IMA's, Independent Music Awards this year for my song, Is It the Time by Lori Jean, me. I would love that. Love and kisses!! Mwah!!

Check out my song, My Dirty Draws, at 8Tracks now. It just got approved and should be up soon. Hope you enjoy it!

Touch Me Please full song #update #youdidn'tevenwantourbaby #lorijean

Touch Me Please

This is the latest rough draft of the song so far. It's coming along nice. I don't have any fancy equipment I've been using with it, but I'm pleased with the progress. I'm thinking of doing a New Year's surprise with it for you guys - surprise meaning how I come out with it. Touch base soon!

                                           Photo courtesy Shutterstock.

Friday, September 22, 2017

#newsong #funny #lorijean #ex 'All Our Exes"

It's funny how they don't notice what they do. Check out this funny song I wrote. I'm working on the music.

How's I Such a Fool

That first night in the field
Under the moonlight with Riunite
Van Morrison was playing our song
My buttocks slid gently on your rooftop

I was only 16
But the restaurant dinners were catered to me
I had to finish all my veggies
The races crashed my ears
as we walked hand in hand.

How's I such a fool
when you crashed me to the ground
with the words I love you
still in my head
While I was being thrown

When your bike crashed
it was a horse on our first date
the bike man at the store
saw me panting as you
pushed me to get on for more


Second time around
it came from a car
Though I took the spin
with my neck
you the money for whiplash

You fell on your knees to me
as I was put upon a thrown
to all beings
the ring you gave me
shined through the entire night

doo doo da doo da doo doo da doo da


doo doo da doo da doo doo da doo da


Photo courtesy TumbleRoot.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Country Music Award for Lori Jean #lorijean #award "Is It the Time"

Top Country Artist

Please remember my kids at #teensatcrossroads that sell this digital copy.

For People in Mexico #donation #charity #hurricanrelief

Super Lady album by Lori Jean

Please feel free to sell the album and keep the money. Blessings.


At Shazam

Clip of "Touch Me Please" #lorijean #newep "You Didn't Even Want Our Baby" EP #country

An Update on all the lyrics in the Album to come "You Didn't Even Want Our Baby" by Lori Jean. I've picked out some cool compositions to start with all of them and this has helped me create a beat with each song finalizing the lyrics  more. I hope you like the changes so far. I'm think I'm pretty tight with what I have now lyrically. Blessings.

Touch Me Please

I hail my hands to myself
I'm walkin' one way
a woman with my own mind

I didn't see it comin'
I didn't run fast
I didn't move
I touch my head now
I touch my head

Lookin' back
to the reasons why
I was smart
I was shy

I now see double
I'm a woman
all twisted up inside

without touch my head

I only feel the cold now
laying in bed
It's like an echo
in the back of my head

Touch me, touch me please
It's time to hold my head up high


without touch my head

Touch me please
Touch me please

Touch me please

Hurts So Bad Outside

Did I luck out
to Make it through tragedy
I Play Jesus with my fools
I just get by now

I turned around
and you knocked me out
thought 911
was the worst for me to worry about

You call me clueless
my memory's gone
give me another reason
to refresh my mind

It Hurts so bad
It hurts so bad outside
Hurts so bad outside

I hear the crash again
I'm suspendin' in mid air
one more time
It's happenin' again.......

It hurts so bad outside
hurts so bad outside
It hurts so bad
It hurts so bad outside

It's happenin' again

through it all
I found my needs
in this war....

It's funny how you start out
with everyone else
and end up alone.

It hurts so bad outside
thought 911 was the worst for me to worry about
It hurts so bad outside
It's happenin' again
It's happenin' again for me

Title Track Song: You Didn't Even Want Our Baby

You've finally found your wet dreams
when you think of me

You didn't even want our baby
when we'd talk about the baby's hair
what he or she would wear
where we'd live in the end

you finally found a way to please a woman
to live without me
call me on the phone
remembering our song
that we never had

you beg me to be a teddy bear
through your nights of despair
your cracked casserole dish
didn't matter in the end
after you wanted out after our honeymoon


Baby, I'm still bereavin.'.

Hi Everyone!

I want you to know I've been working hard on my new EP. I didn't think I could do it on my computer but I am using Audacity. It's actually working great. And due to the wonder free country loops I've been getting sounding as beautiful as ever. I have a clip of one of my favorites on the album to come, "Touch Me Please." Singing it today brought goosebumps to me and my heart and soul could so easily get into the song.

Love you guys! Go ahead and download the clip and share it. I will be working hard on the other three songs with compositions for them. I'm also rerecording "I Put on My Gloves" a bit of a shorter version giving it more of a punch. I hope you like it when this is done as well. I feel it fits the album to come. It's all country because "Is It the Time" by me appears to be doing well.

Touch Me Please by Lori Jean

Wednesday, August 30, 2017



Album Cover Update "Hurts So Bad Outside" for Lori Jean #press #EP

"Hurts So Bad Outside" for Lori Jean

"I turned around and you knocked me out. Thought 911 was the worst for me to worry about. It hurts so bad outside. Hurts so bad outside."

Lori Jean Finnila lucked through one tragedy in real life working at The World Trade Center in turn for another. Try to identify with the war inside a woman's body after it's been rocked. Fools play Jesus with her religious beliefs at this time - the only person she had to count on. Her back still hurts in multiple places in addition to the hole in her head from injuries inflicted upon her.

Please, please, touch someone today.

She talked about her baby's hair, where her and her husband would live - but he never wanted their baby, this she never understood, for REAL.

Release, "You Didn't Even Want Our Baby," will be out at major retail online stores as an EP. Injury, the fight emotionally, and the outcome show in this album. The song, "My Dirty Draws," already released showing the reflection of battling the woods as a female will sideline the album. Look for the upcoming EP at iTunes, Shazam, Spotify and more as well once she can afford a Mac Mini to finish recording it. She will do Acapella and put those up at her blog titled Lori Jean Finnila at blogspot.

Jean has been recording and releasing since the worst of her injuries running from abuse for over twenty years from a  stalker, when she couldn't write novels anymore. Find most of her music online and the warm welcome from the press and music community that has supported her.


Monday, August 28, 2017

#WeWorkin Mixtape Vol. 548 #lorijean

#WeWorkin Mixtape Vol. 548

It Hurts So Bad Outside #newsong ?! 😱 #lorijean

It Hurts So Bad Outside
By Lori Jean

Mix of Song

Also, thx to listening to Ryan Hurd.

I lucked out
and made it through one tragedy
And ended up in another.
Fools play with Jesus
With my ups and downs
I just get by sometimes.

I turned around
and you knocked me out
Thought 911 was the worst
for me to worry about
It hurts so bad outside.

(Been watching "Nashville." Thanks for your help).

Lori Jean Music

Lori Jean Music
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